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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  March 4, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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it's 11:00 a.m. breaking news in connection with the murders in nicole brown simpson and ron thompson. they're testing a knife. the construction worker gave the knife to a traffic cop and that cop just turned it over to police this week. >> the investigators will continue to look at that. that item has been recovered by investigators. it is being treated as we would all evidence, so it's been committed to our -- submitted to our lab.
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all forensics, including dna and hair samples and that is ongoing as we speak. >> o.j. simpson was found not guilty and likely can be charged again due to double jeopardy laws. police never found the murder weapon you'll remember in this case. they say they are looking into the potential for criminal charges for the person who turned in the knife, and they're hoping to talk to that construction worker who found the knifee denver 7 begins with breaking news out of estes park. apartment complex almost completely destroyed by fire. this is early this morning, hotel. fire crews were able to evacuate the building. no one was injured. `ook them about an hour to get the fire under control. the cause is still under investigation. thanks for joining us. i'm mitch jelniker. the other big story comes from our own super bowl mvp. von miller will lace up his
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season for "dancing with the stars." some fans are worried he'll hurt himself, but most are excited to see him. eric lupher has more. >> reporter: he's got the moves, he's certainly got the personality and i think he's got a good chance of taking home the mirror ball trophy. i'll tell you what, i'm sure the big man, his boss, is proud of him right now. we got to talk about his moves. could these awesome moves get him hurt, though? what if he sprains his ankle? some fans are saying focus on football, man. i talked with some fans on the streets this morning and they're not too concerned. >> some are saying he needs to focus on the game, what if he gets hurt. >> i don't think that will happen. he likes to have fun and that's his personality. i think it's fitting for him. >> reporter: i also talked with a dance instructor. she told me a little dance is
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it's helped players to overcome injuries. it makes sense. many athletes with quick side to side and back and forth movements would benefit from dancing. check this out, we got a banner going up right now outside the south stands of sports authority field at mile high. it says thank you, broncos country. on the other side, thissis a beauty, world champions, three- time world champions. "dancing with the stars" will reveal the whole cast this tuesday. the show starts march 21st. >> cool. right here on denver 7 you can check all that out. >> do you know who else is dancing? meteorologist ginger zee. >> from good morning america. i saw the broncos banner. my broncos flag in front of my house, it blew away earlier in the week. still haven't found it. >> you may not. those winds were really strong. we're seeing strong winds again on the eastern ppains now.
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they were quiet yesterday, picking back up. it looks nice, but still a few clouds in the metro area. the sun is peeking through as there's pockets of clouds. not everyone is inundated. in denver 15 miles per hour. seeing some speeds in the 20s in greeley and on the eastern plains closer to about 30 miles per hour. some gusts are closer to 33 miles per hour. will be a factor for those out and about, but we're not dealing with the 50, 60-mile- per-hour winds. it's 11:00 and it's already 59 downtown. it's 61 in highlands ranch. 60 in castle rock. 60 longmont. 50s and 60s all across the metro area. where do we go froo here? we're going to climb up. just a few degrees. not as warm as yesterday. should top out about 62. the front that dropped in affecting the northern portion of the front range and northeastern corner of the state. temperatures this evening mild.
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friday night it should be pleasant. we're talking about changes. we'll show you the rain and the snow in a little bit. >> you always do that to me. i know. police have tracked down the car corrected to that medina alert. denver police found the lincoln town car, this was early this morning. they say it's the same car that hit a pedestrian near tremont and park. they have not found the driver. the pedestrian was seriously injured. if you have information about the driver or the scene, police want to hear from you. also new, denver nimal protection is asking for your help to find out who left this 2-year-old dog on the brink of starvation. pretty rough shape. the agents have named her petunia. she was found in the night drop box at the dumb friends league last month. they have nurseed her back to health. but they want to find the
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if you have information, contact crimestoppers. as for small, something else must be small, i guarantee there's no problem. >> donald trump's anatomy one of the first topics up for discussion at last night's debate. he could pick up more delegates this weekknd. >> reporter: donald trump at a michigan rally this morning hits marco rubio ahead of the florida primarr. >> in florida they hate little marco rubio so much, he couldn't be elected dog catcher. >> reporter: today on good morning america, rubio on the defensive for his part in the ugly war of words. >> he needs to get a taste of his own medicine. let's be clear, nothing i have ever said comes close to what donald trump says regularly on a daily basis. >> reporter: maybe one of the lowest points.
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they're small, something else must be small. problem. >> reporter: megyn kelly -- >> it was a d minus, the last rating in 2010. >> but it was elevated to an a. >> reporter: on immigration he repeated mitt romney's assault earlier in the day, demanding -`trump release tapes of an off the record conversation with the "new york times." >> releaseethe tapes. >> why are you hiding? >> reporter: trump said he was softening his position on visas on high tech -- >> you've changed your tune and that has so many things saying what is his core? >> i have a strong core. >> reporter: shortly after the debate trump said he was not softening his position on the
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he would end it, no exceptions. today denver auctions off 25 bison. perhaps you've seen them along i-70 when you drive through the genesee park area. they've auctioned off bison some 30 years. it controls the population and also raises about $30,000 to pay for the animals' care. you can view them now at genesee park. the auction begins at noon. now the mayor is teaming up with dps to push for diversity in denver classrooms. jason gruenauer joins us. >> reporter: in denver public schools more than 75% of students are of color, while less than 25% of its teachers are. in order to change that, the mayor is getting involved, bringing in the big guns if you will when it comes to teacher recruiting. today mayor hancock and acting school superintendent cordova met with about 15 candidates brought in from around the country.
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to the teachers, why they should come to denver. the superintendent spoke after about the importance of bringing in qualified teachers this district. >> for many of our kids, this will be the first time they've seen an educated person who looks like them. so the idea that i can see myself in my teacher is a really powerful message for kids. >> reporter: some of the teaching candidates shared their own personal stories of coming from other countries, not having a teacher themselves that looked like them throughout their entire education. denver wants to make sure this district that is not the case. while it fell short of handing out offer letters to these teacher candidates, they say they did have a packed schedule touring different schools
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in that meeting will be future employees. jason gruenauer, denver 7. thank you. the nfl is playing hard ball with the deflate gateeissue.
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welcome back. take a look at these two men. police say they robbed a liquor
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this is from tobin's liquors on west colfax. if you know anything about these men, call police. sports authority is closing yet another one of its locations here in our metro area. they announced late yesterday they're closing the store off west bowles. that makes four stores closing in the greater denver area. 143 nationwide, all connected to the company's chapter 11 bankruptcy. could be more closures to come as they try to work through the $1.1 billion debt. new developments on deflategate. the nfl isn't giving up on its efforts to suspend tom brady. both sides faced tough questions in court yesterday. abc's ryan smith explains why it could be bad news for brady. >> reporter: this morning tom brady's playing status on the line. the deflategate case in the hands of three appellate court judges. the judges grilling both sides during the hour-long hearing,
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goodell's use of power, calling him judge, juror and enforcer. the most pointed questions saved for brady's side. the judge saying the evidence of ball tampering is overwhelming. players association lawyer kessler claiming privacy and stalking issues were among the reasons for brady' actions. brady repeatedly denying any development. >> i didn't alter the ball in any way. good. >> they were very well prepared for the case. >> we're happy with the proceedings. >> reporter: and goodell saying, this case isn't just about brady, but enforcing their right. >> it's our rights in the bargaining agreement, we followed them to a t and we believe the court got that >> reporter: the judges aren't expected to issue a ruling for several months.
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we turn to a developing story at home. could marijuana help people with multiple sclerosis? researchers launching a new project and they're looking for 20 volunteers to participate in this study. they plan to look at the effects of long-term use of marijuana on ms patients. now there's a crowdfunding effort on csu's web site to help pay for the research. they say their biggest hope is to see improvement in motor function and control. as anyone who lives near denver can tell you, marijuana grows can be smelly. the city is proposing an odor control plan. it's for any business like the purina plant to make a plan. >> we have a unique mix of
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oil refinery. >> people will start to experience these odors as they move in and demand something is done. >> businesses wouldn't have to completely eliminate the smells. just minimize them. the department of environmental health will brief city council next month and hope to have laws in place this summer. the purina plant is a meteorologist's dream. you know when the cold front is coming in. >> it was funny, it's usually when you're at some areas, but smell? they get used to it. >> jolly rancher factory, my grandfather used to live there. when they were making sour apple, it was the best smell. yeah, people who live there didn't notice it. when you look across the country, it'' relatively quiet. few pockets of rain showers. here in colorado you can see we just have some clouds.
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as a result we could get rain showers after it moves through. we're really watching what's off to the northwest, off the pacific coast. that's what's going to give us the next chance for rain and snow. we are definitely in need of some. march is our snowiest month and that won't be today. there are the rain showers i was talking about. you can see them about 4:00. between 2:00 and 7:00, some showers may move across the front range. most of the moisture will fall there along the foothills and it disappears quickly. by 6:30-ton you can -- tonight you can see it drop to the palmer divide and clear skies overnight. a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow, but maybe more sunshine than today. for sunday sure more sunshine and warm temperatures. this is what it looks like outside. this is our sports authority field camera looking towards downtown. you can see it bouncing around
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wind speeds here about 15 miles per hour. out east stronger winds closer to about 30. as far as our temperatures, though, we have warmed up nicely. into the 50s, even some locations that are already in the 60s. we should top out in the low to mid-60s across the metro area. then very mild this evening. you can notice the temperatures only dropping down into the upper 30s. nowhere near where we should be for this time of year. highs for the metro, 61 erie. in parker should see a high of 60. castle rock 61. downtown denver 62. you're going to see upper 50s and low 60s on eastern plains. that front really affecting this portion of the state. southeast corner nice and warm, in the 70s. in the high country a mixture of 40s and 50s. towards the western slope, though, back into the 60s. tomorrow the winds will die down. it will be calmer tomorrow and a little bit warmer. we'll see a little bit more of
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on sunday during the early part of the day sunshine. temperatures will warm to mid- to upper 60s. some may see 70. then the clouds will increase. this is where we have the chance for snow in the mountains. that will bring a little bit of that moisture down here to the metro area. we could see some showers late sunday night. majority of us won't see the rain, though, until monday. and then monday night into tuesday there's a chance a few of the metro area cities couud see a rain/snow mix. not going to see accumulation. it will fall, you'll likely be asleep, we especially, and you won't notice it. >> the moisture is good, though. >> we really need it. on average march is about 10 inches of snow. i'll show you that coming up. we need more. >> it's dusty, too. >> very much so. thank you, dayle. kim jong-un says his country's nuclear warheads need to be
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they fireed short range missiles yesterday. he says his country must protect themselves against the unittd states. but u.s. officials say they don't believe they have the capability to hit us here in the u.s. back here at home, the u.s. military recruiting women and to entice them they're making changes, including fixing base bathrooms and other facilities to accommodate women. leaders would monitor training and offer programs to curb sexual assault. probably will take about three years to fully integrate women into all combat jobs. cu's president says he's received a lot of criticism for hosting edward snowden on campus last month. he spoke to a crowd via video conference from russia. president benson says the event shows what the university is all about, discussion and debate. in a statement he wrote the university's goal is to "develop students into critical thinkers, not to shelter them
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with free speech." let's go -- >> i'm sorry. >> i'll let you.
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here's a look at other stories making news hot on the internet today. paying for your license plate can be expensive in colorado, right? but that's not a reason to make your own and put it on your car. but that's what a 28-year-old from new york state did. that's what she's accused of doing at least. maybe it would be more realistic if she had put one of those 2016 stickers in the corner. there are times you start to do something and realize you better get back to safety. it's what it looked like here, as several people on jet skis were speeding on the ocean heading to waves. as it got to be bigger than some expected, they sped back to shore. a couple of guys looked like they tried to ride the wave a little bit. maybe they could jump the next one. %- with easter right around the corner, actor benedict cumberbatch is turned into a
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ears. the dark chocolate sells for 70 bucks. the white chocolate version costs 100, because it comes with a 22 karat gold bow tie. getting past the parking gate is usually pretty effortless. you push the button, take the ticket, drive past the gate. this driver for some reason can't reach the ticket through her window, so she opens the door, reaches through the open window, takes the ticket. it took her too much time to get back in to get it in gear. mitch, she tries this a couple of times and fails over and over again. she finally eventually, after maybe cursing from the folks behind her gets through. >> it's so frustrating to watch her. are you sure it wasn't like a james bond scene where the clock is ticking down?
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>> thank you for finding that. she made it. thank you. the first trailer for the all girl ghostbusters is out now. the fans are combing through the new clip to find clues. abc's nick watt is breaking it down. >> reporter: that music, the ghosts, the home made gizmos, slimier, all back think goodness. >> get out of my ghost! >> reporter: no hints of cameos in the trailer. but there are hints. chris hemsworth is playing a receptionist. will he also strap on a proton pack.
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the science. >> spent many years researching and getting into the science of ghost. >> reporter: so many nods to the orange. the haunted book shelves, the head gear, and this billboard with a famous quote. there will be a lot of things you're happy to see the director said watching the trailer in l.a. but they're coming at you in a slightly different way. those billboards very 70s. is there time travel involved? >> let's go. >> let's go. >> did you want to -- >> i'll let you. >> reporter: sadly, not in theaters until july 15th. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> looks kind oo funny. he's got stylish moves on the gridiron. the super bowl mvp is heading
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11:30. breaking news from back in 1994. the lapd is testing a knife that was found on the property of o.j. simpson by a construction worker when the house was demolished in 1998. that worker gave the knife to a traffic cop. that cop turned the knife in to police this week.
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but at a newssconference a little bit ago an lapd officer explained why o.j. simpson likely won't be charged with the murders at this point. >> i'm not an attorney, but it's my understanding from being a police officer, that double jeopardy would be in place here, so we could not charge mr. simpson with the homiciie he's already been charged with, because he's been acquitted. >> simpson was found not guilty, but police never found the murder weapon. they say they are looking into the potential for criminal charges for the person who turned in the knife and they're hoping to talk to that construction worker who found the knife. thanks for joining us. i'm mitch jelniker. von miller will be a part of this season's upcoming of "dancing with the stars." he's going to be a bronco certainly, but some are worried it could be a distraction. others say it's probably a good way for him to exercise in the offseason. denver7's eric lupher has more.
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thing here at sports authority field at mile high in the offseason is this huge banner going up. world champions three time world champions. pretty cool. now we can be excited about something else, von miller said to be a contestant on the next "dancing with the stars," season 22, which kicks off on march 21st. we all know how good his moves are and boy, doos he have a good chance to take home that mirror ball trophy. i talked to fans on the street. >> he's outgoing, handsome, i think he'd be great on the `how. >> will he win? >> no question. >> he's a winner. >> knows how to do the dab for sure. >> reporter: sure, the broncos will probably make fun of their fellow player, von miller. but if he brings home the trophy, he'll have bragging rights. the full cast of season 22 will
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tuesday, march 8th. eric lupher, denver 7. wheat ridge police say two burglars wearing monkey masks broke into a pot shop. window. they got away on foot. this isn't the first break-in there at best meds. two teenagers broke into the same store a few months back. if you have information on either case, call police. denver animal protection is asking for your help to find out who left this 2-year-old dog on the brink of starvation. petunia. she was found in the night drop box at the dumb friend league last month. sheeshould weigh about 35 pounds. when they found her she weighed 19 pounds. they've nurseed her back to help, but they want to find the person who left her in that condition.
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contact crimestoppers. the under sheriff at park county is on administrative leave and a sergeant resigned, all coming a week after corporal nate carrigan was shot and killed while serving an eviction notice. the sheriff made it clear the deputies were disciplined for events that took place after the shooting, not before. he says they didn't have anything to do with the eviction. there are still a lot of questions about what may have happened toocause the disciplinary action. but the sheriff and comment. there is a makeshift memorial at the spot where a woman was hit by an suv and killed wednesday night. the driver stayed on scene, has not been charged. this is in the greeley area. friends tell us she was crossing the street to meet her husband. it's near the jbs plant. it's the first deadly accident at that intersection in about two years.
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antics, though. republican presidential hopefuls argued for time and attention. the big talker was donald trump. he didn't spend a lot of time defending his policy, necessarily, but he did defend something in response to the comment by marco rubio. listen in. >> referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. >> we saw plenty of fighting, and the candidates did drill down finally on some policy issues. >> i will go back to washington, i will take the formulas that i used and i will fix the problems in washington. >> if we do what needs to be done, we can leave our children as the freest americans. >> for seven years you've had a commander-in-chief that doesn't believe in you, sends you in combat that tie your arms behind your back. it's wrong and immoral, and january 2017, it will end. >> i am going to bring jobs back to the united states like nobody else can.
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depleteed military. we're going to take care of our vets. we're going to strengthen our borders, and you're going to be very, very proud of this country in just a few years if i'm elected president. >> the two democratic candidates will face off this coming sunday. in addition, five statts are holding some form of primary or caucus over the weekend. so is puerto rico. hillary clinton currently holds a 3 to 1 delegate lead over bernie sanders. this weekend on politics unplugged on denver 7 we're taking a closer look at the fallout from super tuesday for both the democrats and republicans. that's sunday, 4:00 right here on denver 7. plans are moving forward for a new multimillion dollar 911 center in denver. the city council approved a $1 million design contract for the new facility, which wwuld be built in the former 911 center. the new center will have more
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space is necessary. emergency calls were up 16% last year in denver. >> the in fact that we'll be able to add additional people and provide the right work stations, that means the people who are doing the work today will have additional help, and we can get to people quicker and we can process those calls. >> the city is asking for employee input on this new design. they hope the building will be year. the medical examiner has just unsealed the results from bobbi kristina brrwn's autopsy and the results show immersion in water and drug intoxication led to her death. brown the daughter of whitney houston was found unconscious in a bathtub in january of 2015. she never regained consciousness. the unemployment rate stays the same, now at 4.9%.
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to become more diverse, turning to the mayor for help. today the mayor and acting school superintendent cordova met with about 15 teaching candidates of color today to try to bring them into the district. the recruitment process is so competitive, the mayor wanted to get involved for the benefit of the diverse student population. >> i think the more you can bring educators of color, effective educators of color into the classroom, i think the comfort level, the relatability increases as well for that student. it's important. >> the candidates took a tour of the district. the superintendent says she's hopeful to hire many of those potential teachers. the mile high city was named number one place in the city to live, but it means the city is getting more expensive. you would need to make more `han $68,000 a year to afford a home, and that's going up.
11:39 am
miles of downtown denver now 1500 bucks. since the latest proposal to add rental units to downtown denver, this one is called curtis park, would be built, there's theedrawing of it. this will be built on a small open lot. this is in the five points area. there's no parking. the developer says it's designed to be affordable, minimalistic and perfect for those who don't have a car. but people who live in the area have mixed opinions about this idea. block away or something. i might be one of the few, but goes. >> this isn't the only car-free micro complex being proposed. a similar project is in the works at 14th and court. coming up, denver's growth is affecting other communities in our area and we're going to show you how castle rock is planning to deal with the population boon. >> a bunch of kids getting the
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courtesy of a former rockies' all-star. >> the winds we talked about them morning, they were quiet, but now they're starting to pick up. sustained winds anywhere from about 15 to 25 miles per hour. on the eastern plains, we're
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welcome back to denver 7. you probably remember this video, brandy chastain scored
11:43 am
for the u.s. women in the 1999 cup final. she has agreed to donate her brain to concussion research. >> reporter: tonight the soccer star known for that celebration at the world cup coming forward about the dangers of the sport. 47-year-old brandy chastain announcing she'll donate her brain to research on cte, the disease linked to concussions. >> she is such an iconic figure. >> reporter: she did suffer from two concussions as a college mare. now a mom and soccer coach, she's concerned about the damage all those headers may >> she is having symptoms, and she's living a normal life. but she is so well aware of what could be awaiting her. >> reporter: chastain telling "usa today," but as you grow older you sometimes say, gosh,
11:44 am
used to forget when i went into a room when i went in there for. adding she hopes the research will protect younger players. cte can only be diagnosed after death and has been found in numerous nfl players and male soccer players, but so far never in a female athlete. right now denver health is asking hospitals for help. three of its five neurosurgeons will be gone by the end of the month. the hospital says this shouldn't affect patient care. the hospital plans to talk with other hospitals, including the university of colorado until they can fill the openings. they will not give a reason why the surgeons are leaving. 24 patients at children's hospital colorado are getting an all expenses paid trip to rocky's spring training in arizona. the kids are really excited about this.
11:45 am
i just want to, i don't know, get away from my parents for a couple of days and i don't have to do my chores. >> i don't blame him. this is the fourth year in a row troy tulowitzki will pay for the trip. even though he's been traded to the blue jays, the team says this trip will help the kids focus on something other than the illness. you can tell by that boy's smile on his face. >> it's wonderful. does that. >> started the tradition, wants to keep it going. awesome. >> good for the kids here at children's hospital. snow. we're starting to think spring weather. % we still need snow. on average in march, march is our snowiest month, we got a snow. if you were here in 2003, who
11:46 am
the least amount of snow we've had in march was in 2012 with a trace. don't necessarily want to see 35 inches come at once. we also don't want to end up with a trace. today we have a chance for a few rain showers. majority of that will be there across the foothills through the late afternoon and into the early morning, or early evening hours. palmer divide you could see a few rain showers. that clears out quickly and most of us will remain dry, really until monday in the metro area. i'll show you that as we look at our seven-day. out here, this is east of dia, about 10 miles. quite a few clouds. sun peeking through, some of the clouds are thin. you can get that sunshine through, it's really not affected our temperatures one bit. we have temps in the 50s and 60s across the front range. we're going to warm a couple of degrees, topping out about 62 degrees. the winds have started to pick back up. wind speeds 20 to 30 miles per
11:47 am
that will continue in the early evening hours and winds breezy tomorrow, but not like today. 62 in denver. we bumped up some down south, may be closer to 67. longmont 62. erie a high of 61 as well. mountain towns very mild. spring skiing at its finest. we'll see some 50s in the central mountains, eagle and aspen, to the western slope you'll be dealing with 60s. eastern plains, upper 50s and low 60s. the front only affecting the far northeast corner of the state. the southeast corner, that's where we'll see some of the warmest temperatures yet again up into the 70s. as we look at our seven-day planner, a warmup tomorrow. mix of sun and clouds. 67 the high in denver sunday.
11:48 am
mountains, however, they'll start with the clouds pretty much early sunday, and they're going to start to pick up snow through the afternoon and evening. slight chance of a rain shower here sunday night, late. but better chance for us on monday. i'll tell you what, we may not be getting snow here, but may see rain/snow mix monday and tuesday, no accumulation. we'll take the rain. we need it, because with the winds and warm temperatures, doesn't take much for that fire danger. >> fire danger and your plants and trees getting bit before we eventually get a snow. >> my tulips already started. i've seen crow cusses in bloom. >> i have, too. >> they're hardy, right? >> some will survive. farther away from denver other communities growing as well. castle rock is growing so fast, people who live there are trying to slow things down.
11:49 am
rock citizens for responsible deeelopment. itpoints to traffic bottlenecks aa proof the area is growing too quickly. >> it has grown seven fold in the last 25 years. seven fold. >> now the current town council is rubber stamping any developer proposal. >> they're now proposing a ballot initiative requiring any annexation of more than 5 acres go to a vote of the people. now there are three possessed annexation -- proposed annexations in the works. denver business owners say there reason enough public rest rooms in denver, so people are relieving themselves in inappropriate places on occasion. now to help deal with the issues they're installing a mobile rest room. it's at colfax and clarkson. it's part of a 33to 6 month long pilot project. starting monday the mobile toilets will be open from noon
11:50 am
there will be an attendant. >> if you know there's someone watching what you're doing, if you're in that rest room too long you'll get a polite knock on the door and it's time to move on. >> it will cost the city $16,000 a month to lease this. if it pans out they may lease another one. the need for teachers into the rural part of our state is so great, lawmakers are stepping in. some districts say their teachers are leaving for the metro area. >> it's going to be very hard to replace them. it's going to be hard to retain teachers who are there, it's going to be hard to recruit teachers. >> the bill would pay college students who student ttach in
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[ cheers and applause ] wow. a hole in one. an 11-year-old had the honor of teeing off at a new kids' course in texas by tiger woods. the crowd goes crazy. gets a huge hug from tiger woods. took tiger, by the way, three shots to hit a hole in one. it would take me the rest of my lifetime. let's check in for a look at what's coming up this afternoon on the now. >> such a cool story. we are always live with breaking news. come see us. still waiting for that tax return in the state? we explain why you could be one of thousands that hasn't gotten your money back. and sports authority begins liquidation sales. why it might be best to compare prices before you make a big purchase. michigan, you'll see what it's like to live on bottleed water
11:55 am
all that, breaking news and your first alert forecast. we'll see you at 4:00 for the now. thank you, teresa. thank you for sharing your day with us at 11:00 a.m. we'll be back monday morning. >> i'll be back here tomorrow morning. don't you worry. >> i like to rub that in occassionally.
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